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Paparazzii Ready Interviews Dj Meat |@djmeat

dj meat

Like the emcee on stage, the DJ plays an integral part to the show. It’s been through the DJ that we’ve been able to go to a party and have a really great time just because they’re able to capture and push the tone of any moment just by playing the right song and for any great DJ that requires skill. To take a notch off the 1990 Hip-Hop film Juice, the film showcased and coveted just how awesome the guys on the ones and twos really are. Through the years we’ve come to know legendary names like DJ Red Alert, DJ Marley Marl and Afrika Bambaataa that helped to give way to the rise to the Hip-Hop DJ. DJ’ing today is done across the entire world, there’s a star in every city, region and continent. To look up one of the bests out today, you need to look in Miami, FL and find DJ Meat.



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